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    Thermal Rockwool Slabs  are designed for various applications for Ducts, Vessels equipments, And wherever Flat surface and Slightly curved surfaces ,needs to be insulated, Thermal Rockwool Mattress conforms to ASTM C-553 and ASTM C-665  in Rigid or Semi Rigid  with or Without facings and available in  various types of configurations to suit your requirement.

    Thermal Rockwool Slabs anre installed to acheive Acoustic (Soundproof Insulation)

    The ROCKWOOL Slab Range is used for thermal, acoustic and fire insulation in general building applications. The product range consists of high quality resin bonded  Slab in a variety of thicknesses and densities.

    Applications :  Construction, Industrial , Ship Building , Fire protection, Marine Industry

    Advantages : Excellent Thermal acoustic and fire Insulation,water repellent,easy to handle nd install,Cost effective nd durable.

      Size   On Request
      Thickness   25mm(Min)      200mm(Max)
      Density(kg/m3)   30(Min)       200(Max)
      width(m)   0.6
      Length(m)   1.2
      Facing   Unfaced,With Aluminium Foil,Black glass Tissue and Black Poly Bag.

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