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    Rockwool Pipe Sections - Thermal Rockwool Pipe Sections are designed for rigid Thermal and acoustic insulation pipe works , Ideal combination of density strength and excellent thermal conductivity for every operating temperatures, The ease of cutting And installation makes it ideal for every industries. Thermal Rockwool Mattress conforms to ASTM C-553 and ASTM C-665  in Rigid or Semi Rigid  with or Without facings and available in  various types of configurations to suit your requirements(Read more)

    Generally, the best insulation is achieved by using ROCKWOOL Pipe Section. The Pipe Sections can be used up to max. service temperature of 750 ºC acc. Consequently the number of thermal bridges, which have a negative influence on the insulation, is greatly reduced.

    Applications :  Construction, Industrial , Ship Building , Fire protection, Marine Industry.

    Roockwool mattresses are used for Hot & Cold insulation to conserve energy It is used in the thermal insulation of large vessels, boilers, , equipment, ducts, flanges, valves and plants operating at high temperatures.

    Advantages : Moisture,Fire Resistance,packing,Flexibility,Corossion Resitance.

     Size  On Request
     Thickness  25mm(Min)     100mm(Max)
     Density(kg/m3)  100(Min)        140(Max)
     Diameter  1/4 inch(Min)  20 inch(Max)
     Facing  Unfaced,Aluminium Foil                                                            

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