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    A pre-assembled through fixing anchor for insulation materials. Quick and easy to install.

    Insulation fastening solutions for concrete and masonry, suitable for insulation materials such as mineral wool, EPS, XPS and fibreglass

    An all metal fire resistant anchor that is both fast and easy to install

    Suitable for fixing all types of insulation to concrete, brick, stone or block base material

    Simply drill through the insulation material and hammer fixing home

    Fixing of rigid insulation onto solid materials

    Internal and external insulation boards NB. The anchor must be protected from UV rays by a suitable screen such as rendering or panelling.

    Features & Benefits

    Quick and easy to install through the insulation  50 for rigid insulation material

    Rough cast head - Provides a key for render

    Very good performance in hollow materials

    Rigid, watertight glass fibre nail

    Polypropylene anchor - Reduces cold bridging compared with metal fixings

    Deep profile and expansion legs - Ensure excellent pullout resistance even in hollow block and lightweight materials

    Sealing ring - Prevents passage of moisture through anchor body

    Serrated shank - Gives added pullout resistance

    Applications :  Cladding , Gypsum Partition , wall partition , Wooden Partition , Metal cladding

    Length (m)   80 (Min)  130 (Max)



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