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Insulation Pins are Used in securing insulation on surfaces , available in PVC and Metal GI pin, Can be installed on Concrete , Metal Roofs , Floor Underlay and Facade insulation.

Insulation pins are available for different fixing methods: 1. Weldable insulation pins 2. Applying adhesives 3. Self-adhesive Self-locking washers, commonly referred to as speed clips, caps or domes, are used in conjunction with insulation pins to provide protection from the protruding spindle ends.


Insulation pins are applied where noise insulation need to be attached • HVAC ducting • Marine engine rooms • Bus engine bays • Truck engine bays • Compressor enclosures The insulation pins come in a variety of sizes: 50 mm, 63 mm, 90 mm, 110 mm and 150 mm. One type of pin can be used to hang multiple types of noise insulation, reducing inventory needs.

Thermal Quick Insulation Fixing is suitable for Rockwool Fibreglass ,Thermokole Polystyrene extruded PolystyreneThermo PUF 

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