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  • Regular Board (R G Board)

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    Standard Board : (Appearance : Ivory & Grey Colour)

    Standard Gypsum Boards  are gypsum wallboards which are essential for standard lightweight drywall constructions and are used as the cladding component for

    Drywall partitions using metal frames
    Suspended ceilings using metal frames 
    Furring and wall linings 
    Perfabricated building units

    1) Drywall partitions using metal frames

    2) Suspended ceilings using metal frames 

    3) Furring and wall linings 

    5) Perfabricated building units


    1) Lightweight constructions
    2) Easy, fast and dry application
    3) Good sound insulation performance
    4) A material that breathes and balances room climate and humidity levels
    5) Environmental friendly Limitless design options


    Thickness : 9.5 mm, 12.5 mm, 15 mm              Width : 1200 mm         Length : 2400 mm OR 3000 mm

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