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Thermal  (UAE) is a Insulation Distribution Co in Middle East, With Multi Array of Insulation , Refractory and Corrosion Protection Products in Stock ,  our Technical Expertise in Application makes us the Most Trusted Partner in Middle for All Insulation Products,We are headquarted in United Arab Emirates

Thermal Insulation LLC. has high standards and even higher goals to provide quality materials and application services in Insulation, Refractory and Surface Protection endeavors.

Thermal energy is the driving force for every industrial unit worldwide. The major emphasis in any process industry for reducing the thermal energy is always given for optimizing the process parameters for energy reduction.

Mechanical insulation system is an unprecedented opportunity for energy efficiency, reducing carbon footprint, improving the norms, and stimulating the economy with the creation of "green jobs." Other benefits include personnel safety, helping prevent corrosion under insulation and the development of mold, increased plant productivity, and extending the life of equipment.

Mechanical insulation systems are used for thermal, acoustical, and personnel safety reasons on piping, equipment, vessels, ducts, boilers, and similar mechanical equipment in industrial and commercial applications. Mechanical insulation intersects with a wide variety of industries, from power and process plants to small manufacturing to schools, hospitals, office buildings, etc.

As the UAE’s leading Insulation and Refractory Contractor for different industrial products and services, Thermal Insulation Contracting LLC facilitate your goal to achieve energy conservation and environment protection. Thermal Insulation Contracting LLC in a decade has established a strong presence in the various sectors in UAE. Empowered by enthusiastic teams of highly skilled and motivated technicians.

Thermal Insulation Contracting LLC is a leading stockiest of following insulation products:

Fibrous Insulation Type:

  1. Rockwool or Mineral Wool Insulation
  2. Fiberglass or Glass Wool Insulation
  3. Ceramic Blanket Insulation

Cellular Insulation Type:

  1. Cellular Glass Insulation
  2. Elastomeric Foam or Rubber Insulation
  3. Polyethylene Insulation
  4. Polystyrene Insulation
  5. Air Bubble Insulation

Granular Insulation Type:

  1. Calcium Silicate Insulation

Refractory Products (Granular Insulation) Type:

  1. Refractory Castables
  2. Fire Bricks or High Alumina Bricks
  3. Insulation Castables
  4. Insulation Bricks
  5. Mortar

Our extensive presence in local and Middle East region enables us to  mobilize our highly trained and skilled professionals in providing full range of insulation application services from design, engineering, products and installation. Our refractory application services and solutions encompass design and engineering using proprietary refractory compositions and installation techniques. We in our application services ensure reduction of maintenance downtime and provides for extended service life. Our experts offer a full range of engineered products and installation services to withstand the effects of high temperatures and erosion ensuring a reduction in overall operating cost. Our expert on field service teams utilizes specialized tools and machineries to provide the most reliable installation of Insulation and Refractory at the lowest possible cost.

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Thermal Green a premier in Ceramic products, envisions of asbestos free world for maintaining an Eco-friendly working conditions...Visit Site

Our Expanded Polystyrene Sheets/Shapes/Blocks are Manufactured in our facility in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates......Visit Site